What we do

  • We represent our clients to the global debt financing market and work exclusively on their behalf.
  • Today’s lending market is fluid and complex, as well as being subject to ever-changing global regulations.
  • We guide our clients to the best solution from the widest range of lenders, to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest timeframe.

We source finance globally from over 700 financial institutions including:

  • commercial, investment & private banks
  • hedge funds
  • direct-lending funds
  • private equity funds
  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • special purpose vehicles
  • sovereign wealth funds
  • family offices

Our clients

We have many years financing expertise across a wide variety of asset classes, industrial sectors, geographies and jurisdictions

Corporate Real Estate Investors

Residential, commercial, industrial, office, retail, hotel and development

European Mid-Market Corporates

All sectors; financial, automotive, FMCG, infrastructure, technology, shipping & transportation, industrial etc

Family Office Clients & High Value Assets

Carrig Private Clients team can assist with the financing of High Value Assets such as residential real estate mortgages globally, private and corporate aircraft loans, yacht financing, and loans against art collections and other valuables


We work closely with professionals from across the Legal, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Trust & Fiduciary and other financial services sectors to assist their clients fulfil their borrowing requirements.

How we work

We work side-by-side with our clients through the entire financing process

  • Initial enquiry
  • Market research & business plan analysis
  • Financial modelling & stress-testing
  • Teaser & pitchbook preparation
  • Lender contact & investor sounding – approach, roadshows & timelines
  • Term-sheet analysis & lender negotiations to formal credit approval & documentation